Monday, February 16, 2009

How is this physically possible??

I have noticed two things are constantly happening to me lately, which I don't think are physically possible. Does anyone have any idea how can these be happening?
  1. I usually set an alarm clock which has an automatic snooze every 9 minutes. Letly, I dream between each of the snoozes (I usually let it snooze for almost an hour). How do I achieve REM so quickly??

  2. We have tons of static electricity in the office. In the walls, chairs, door knobs - all around. But sometimes I feel the zesssstt when I open the kitchen tap! Am I imagining it? It doesn't feel like I am getting it from the tap, but from the actual water!
Perhaps I am just going nuts, which will not surprise me that much considering my current life style..

Poor Pinky
An illustration of a not so happy fella, much like me these days


Ooty said...

Hope you feel better by now – maybe a short vacation or some seriously sleeping time will help out
Love this saddy one, looks adorable!
Take care


Linda said...

Thinking of you many times every day. Hugs.

Sharona R. said...

Thank you both, dear ladies. I appreciate your kind thoughts and words.

Mulberry Street said...

thanks for your nice comment! your work is amazing!

Sharona R. said...

Thank you Mulberry, I just love silly looking doggies :o)

Yael said...

מתעדכנת באיחור....

שני הדברים אפשריים גם אפשריים. בקשר לחלומות, זה לא שכל פעם שאת מתעוררת מחזור השינה מתאפס מחדש. אם התעוררת לזמן קצר, והיית באמצע שנת חלום, את תמשיכי אותה מאיפה שהפסקת ברגע שתרדמי שוב. ובקשר לחשמל הסטאטי, סביר להניח שזה מהברז עצמו.

Sharona R. said...

?עכשיו באים

בקשר למחזור שינה, לא חשבתי על זה. תודה.

בקשר לברז - דני אמר שזה קןרה גם לו, ושזה סביר ביותר מאחר ומים מוליכים חשמל