Monday, February 2, 2009

New promo packs

I just finished making the first batch of my new promo packs.

I send these promo packs, filled with goodies by me and other online sellers I love, to my customers along with their purchase (unless if their order fits in an envelope). I had called out for promo items a little while back, and got all sorts of lovely freebies that I hope will help the sellers find new markets and increase sales. I also send my promos out for other sellers to ship to their customers. I tend to do that with sellers who have a wide customer base that is similar to mine.

I am still waiting for a few more items to be shipped to me, but in the meanwhile - this is what I have in the first batch.

New promo packs

The packs are wrapped in little cello bags, decorated with my greeting illustrated greetings stickers and may (each one is different) include:
  • Stickers, business cards for my Etsy and ArtFire shops, and 5$ off coupons for my Etsy shop.
  • Beautiful fabric brooches by Heather from Me Plus Molly.
  • Lovely little handmade thank you cards by Amy from Articulations.
  • Gorgeous business cards, magnets, and cell phone charms by Shay Aaron.
  • Promotional buttons I bought here.
  • Business cards, Moo cards, and coupons from many other sellers that were left over from previous promo packs.
I know my customers love getting these goody packs. Unfortunately I have no statistics on if these actually turn into future sales. I hope they, at the very least, bring these shops to the attention of people who otherwise would not have heard of them.

So at the very least they bring joy and at the most - bring profit. You cannot go wrong with that now, can you?


Ooty said...

This is great!!! Recently I bought something from the very talented Shay, and got such goodies little bag, this is brilliant!!! Way to go!

Sharona R. said...

Great, so you are also a member of the Shay Fan Club? I have so many of his creations, I could open a Shay shop :o)

Ooty said...

I am an apples addict….can’t help it
And I am not even willing to considerate a rehab lol
So this is how I found him during my apples search =0)
And he DOES have great abilities (and so are you my dear!)

Linda said...

So good of you to do this. I can't remember, did I send you cards?

Sharona R. said...

You sent me large cards, which I already sent out with previous orders.

If you want to send me smaller ones, you are most welcome! These packs are the size of a standard business card.