Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Donation item

I just heard of a fellow Etsian who is sick and having treatments, and in a dire financial situation. Several Etsians, organized by the lovely Julie, are selling items whose proceedings are donated to her.

Since I am familiar with both cancer, financial trouble, and the power of friendship and community, I added my Best friends card as a little donation for this cause.

It is not expensive, so you can make a nice little donation and get something lovely in return apart for the joy of helping a total stranger.


Julie Boland said...

You are a blessing Raisin!!!!!

Sharona R. said...


It's just a little something. I love giving back to the community whenever I get a chance.

Linda said...

There are so many in need, I seem to come across them daily at the moment.

Debra Janin said...

Where do you go to donate?

Sharona R. said...

Thank you Debra. We all removed our donation items, as per her request.

Best thing would be to shop at her shop - http://theorangepeel.etsy.com