Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Common courtesy, Etsy style

Boy, I am furious. Full of rage. As I already wrote before, I am bombarded by non payers and approaches that end up in disappointment. I just canceled another sale on Etsy 2 minutes ago..

Look, I myself approach sellers about trades and sales that don't eventually come through. Everybody does. The question is how you turn people down. So instead of sitting here enjoying my heartburn and expecting a heart attack at my tender age, I decided to share my view on how to treat sellers and approaches with courtesy even when you are not interested in further communication.
  1. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you
    This is indeed the golden rule. Calm down, and think how you would like to be treated if you were the sender of the undesired offer, then proceed to step 2.
  2. Always write a short and polite reply
    Never leave a message unanswered, it can really hurt the sender. Got a trade offer from a shop you are not interested in? Send a nice reply saying "no thank you". Got a convo telling you you are in a treasury? Thank the sender. Got an offer you are not interested in? Reply and say "thank you, but I am unable to accept at this time". Remember, nobody can read your mind or guess you taste, even with the best intentions. So be nice to people who took the time to tell you they appreciate you. You don't have to get into debates, or promise things you don't mean. Just..
  3. Say what you mean (and don't say it mean)
    Never leave people hanging. If you asked for an offer for a custom listing, and didn't like what the seller suggested, just tell them so politely and thank them for their time. If you asked to reserve and item, and find you cannot afford to buy it this month - let the buyer know ASAP so they can release the item for other potential customers. If you are not interested in a trade, just say no. You don't have to say "your shop is so ugly I couldn't find anything I want". Just say "thank you, but I am unable to accept at this time" (I repeat this phrase, make it your mantra).
I think that's about it. See? I managed to turn my disappointment and rage to something positive. I would love to hear what you have to add to this list.

And now if you excuse me, I have to start smoking.

Freddie the hand operated Foamie


Flirt Buttons said...

too cute! love the smoking. I have had a bunch of no pays lately, so why'd they buy it? annoying. thanks for the blog!

natalie said...

Rude people are the worst, both on Etsy and in real life! Sad to hear about non-payers! :(

Christie Cottage said...

I have been lucky that those who did not pay immediately did eventually pay.

I don't like unanswered convos.

My way of dealing with the spam convo is to reply that they are welcome to join my BnS.

I always thank those who include me in treasuries or feature me on their blog.

I try to always comment on the blogs of those who comment on mine.

It's just the right thing to do.

Sharona R. said...

I was thinking about spam while writing this, and was wondering whether I should emphasize that in my post I do not mean spam convos, but decided not to and assume the readers will understand I mean legitimate convos.

What's most amazing is that coming home this evening, I found an outrageous email from one of the none buyers accusing me of cheating them and claiming I provide shitty customer service.

I am so angry I can hardly think of a proper reply (but I sure will find one).

KnockKnocking said...

This is such a lovely post, and so true! Be kind to others. Simple yet so often neglected. Thanks for reminder and hope things look up soon honey.


Sharona R. said...

Thank you Agnes. Yesterday was such a lousy day, I actually had to deal with two of these people. I did lose my calm eventually. It ruined my day.

Debs Crochet said...

Hi Raisin

Sorry that happened to you :(
You're so very talented.Those puppets are adoreable and their cuteness speak for themselfs, and you have many more fans than not.


Cara said...

am totally with you on all of that :)

Sharona R. said...

Thank you Deb and Cara, I appreciate the support. I really do :o)

Anonymous said...

I love you work, sorry you've had a hard time. x

Sharona R. said...

I appreciate it Arty :o)

Lynn said...

That is aweful. I guess I am still too new at this to realize stuff like that. Sigh I will take this post as a warning. Oye seller beware.

KT Paper Crafts said...

I completely agree. Its amazing how quickly people lose their sense of decency and common courtesy. Thanks for posting this :)

Sharona R. said...

Most important rule of online sales - never ship anything (or start custom work) before getting paid.

niftyknits said...

your last comment...guess who's just had a bouncy cheque come back? ouch. I'm hoping it will work out though....and if not, they're in the same county as me! Love your new website, can't see a comments spot on that post.

Sharona R. said...

Geesh Nifty, how annoying. This person I'm dealing with is also Israeli, which is why I agreed to get a check instead of Paypal. Silly me. Oh well - if I ever do get her check I will send it back to her as is, and be done with her. I don't want her money or anything else to do with her.

Linda said...

Could you, do you think, add this to the Collaborators site?

It is *infuriating* when people are rude. I had an Indian buyer who sent me a message asking for "urgent posting."
Silly me. I did just that. No payment.
I remained polite throughout our email communications and eventually she paid.
However, she refused to leave feedback, saying I had bullied her into buying the card!

Sharona R. said...

Well, the check from this customer finally arrived my mail, and I will be sending it back to her on Sunday. You might say I bought her out of my life for 70$, which is worthwhile spending in this case.

There is no way this obnoxious woman is opening an Etsy shop with my help.

Irit said...

I am so with you! Although I'm not a seller, I can totally relate to your post.
I would never leave a seller hanging if I was unsure about a sale, and would always reply politely to any convo. I cannot understand people who don't.
The only consolation I can offer you is that those people are probably rude to everyone, so you shouldn't take it personally. And you can't change them either, I'm afraid.
Here's hoping for some nice customers for you!