Monday, October 26, 2009

What do you do with a Flutterbutt?

My Flutterbutts or Puppet Mobiles (though many of them have escaped their mobile cords throughout the years, and are roaming the lands free of attachment) tend to fall short of hitting a specific market. Some are cute and silly, some are pretty and decorative, they look like a children item but they are not (I almost never design with kids in mind, plus I don't have CPSIA (the US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) testing capabilities.

So who are they for? What do they do? Why must you get one for yourself (and trust me, you do)? And how do you choose the right Flutterbutt for you?

מפגש בלוגרים

Decorate your home or your child's room

My Puppet Mobiles are Flutterbutts hanging on a transparent wire decorated with assorted beads - Czech glass beads, Swarovski crystals, plastic beads, glass beads, handmade beads, and more and more. The type of beads is one of the element that determines the price of the mobile.

Mommy! I want!

Some of my Flutterbutts are simple, clean, and colorful (and usually cheaper too) and will fit perfectly in your kid's bedroom or playing area. Others are much more expressive, delicately embellished and fit a grownup taste and surrounding.

Elizabeth I Fluttrebutt
HRH Elizabeth I Fluttrebutt

Accessorize your bag or keys

Some Flutterbutts have a lobster key chain attahced, so you can use them to decorate your bag or old your keys for ya!

Green muppet-mobile decorated handbag

Hang them in your office

Want to liven up your dreary cubicle? Do like some of my customers do, and hang a friend to keep you company throughout the day (don't try this with friends who are not made of foam!!). Not only will it brighten your working space, but you can also share your onions of your boss with it, it is sure to take your side.

Sunny Flutterbutt
This little guy is hanging in a high-tech company cubicle in the US

Play with your Flutterbutt

Are you a silly grown up who likes to play with dolls? What you need is a stand alone Flutterbutt (i.e. a not in mobile form). These soft foam creatures will get softer as you use them, and can stand on their own (thanks to their long skirt of shoes). You can use them to tell stories, annoy your friends, or make yourself and everybody around you laugh. the fun never ends with a good Flutterbutt around, like my beloved Pinky whom you can see right below.


Puppets are a wonderful means of communicating and channeling. I use puppets for my spiritual work, to help relieve the sometimes loaded mind of my mom (who is sick with lung cancer). We laugh together with Pinky, watch TV with him (he loves to dance to the opening theme of CSI Vegas). When my dad was dying of cancer a few years back, he loved playing with me via my puppet Nick. Those are some of my best memories of his last year - me, him, and a silly puppet doing merry singalongs while he's lying in bed. You would not believe the things people are willing to tell a silly looking puppet. And don't get me started even on the work I am doing with my Mini Me Flutterbutt..

Custom made portrait Flutterbutts

Looking for a one of a kind birthday gift for your loved one?
Need a unique wedding topper or decoration shaped like the bride and groom?
Want a little look alike of your favorite movie or music star?
In search of a mini me for your spiritual work or life coaching process?

Order your very own portrait Flutterbutt (with or without a mobile cord) today!

A typical dinner
My mini me enjoying a nice dinner in front of the TV

And these are only a few of the reasons you need a Flutterbutt. You can see all of my currently available Flutterbutts by clicking here.


Chen Shapira said...

I'm sure it is not a standard feature, but I have two flutterbutts who are troubleshooting experts.

When I run into a difficult technical issue, I carefully explain the problem to my cube-flutterbutts (Selma and John) and they often suggest creative and useful solutions.

They became so good at this, that my co-workers often borrow them to solve their problems too! They are especially good at tuning complicated queries, but I've seen them solve anything from network problems to bugs in Java.

I'm planning to give them a 10% salary raise. They are really an amazing team :)

Sharona R. said...

Good for you Chen! You can bit around the bush again and again, but the best way to show your employees your appreciation is by a salary raise.

You remind me of Moshe the platypus, a flat plushy who came to me from Australia while I was working in CA. The man (plush? platypus?) is a genius in UNIX and actually did half my work for me at times. He is now retired (I haven't seen UNIX in 5 years I think) and living in a nice penthouse in my bedroom.