Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Election Day

Today Israel is electing the 120 members of the 18th Knesset (the Israeli parliament). I woke up at 12:00 (this is a sabbatical, no work moohahaha) and found a rain and hail storm. So I am holding on on voting for a little while (which is a shame, since I also need to buy a ton of glue and get to work on my Etsy shop update. I didn't update my shop this month at all). Pinky, however, already got to the ballot box. Either because he is an early bird, unlike me, or because is thought it is a ballet box by mistake.

Election Day - Voting for the 18th Knesset
Pinky also got a wonderful little cheese button from Jelene. Yay!

In honor of election day, and for the little happy time I have left before government is taken over by God knows what, I am having a Flutterheads Sale (voting for a head of state n'est pas?) for 9$ instead of 12$ today. Go ahead and get one, or three!

Get a head!

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