Saturday, February 14, 2009

Meet the Artist - With Annie from Happy Little Artist

This weekend featured artist is Annie from Happy Little Artist.

I found Annie's shop while looking for sewed headbands. Her shop was very new at the time, with great prices and gorgeous item photos. I now own two of her lovely creations. When I wear her creations I feel like a happy butterflyish Buy Handmade poster girl.

Salt and Pepper Linen Flower

Tell my readers a bit about yourself.

Well, my name is Annie and I currently am into three things: My family (husband and two kids), Mr. Obama, and creating! I love disappearing into my little creative place and coming out feeling all fresh and new like a big thirty year old baby with bad roots! I feel fortunate to have found something that makes me feel good about myself and life in general.

When and how did you begin to sew? Is this your only creative medium?

I only know how to sew headbands, and only started sewing three months ago! I am actually a painter by trade and have a B.F.A with an emphasis in watercolor painting.

One of Annie's watercolors

Where do you sell your art?

I sell my art in several shops around town, as well as on Etsy.

Did you choose to sell mainly headbands on Etsy due to a business plan, believing it will be a top selling item, or is this just something you love doing?

I sell headbands mostly to support this terrible habit I have of buying fabric (it's a new obsession). I love going to the fabric store and looking at all the different fabric. I even love the smell of fabric! I love putting together designs and find that it comes somewhat easily to me, which is cool because not everything does..

Your image photos are so lovely and vivid, can you share some tips with us?

I try to wear different textures and stand in nice, natural light. Lately my photographer (i.e. my husband) has been swamped at work so I have been taking photos of myself. Can you tell the difference?

I love how she arranged the hair and coordinated the colors on this photo

What is your favorite item of all times?

My favorite headband is this sage one. I love the photo!

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