Saturday, April 24, 2010

Earrings update

Happy weekend guys! I should be working on clearing and cleaning my desk (I can't find anything on it anymore, plus it is full of cramp beads and other tiny jewelry making elements that keep getting stuck in my keyboard and where have you) but instead I am making new earrings. Here are a few of the new ones, which I will be adding to my art & jewelry shop shortly.

Can you spot the odd one out in this collection?

New earrings

Those Don't eat with your hands earrings are slightly less elegant than the rest of the pack, n'est pas? I made them from a set of miniature cutlery Shay Aaron sent me for my birthday!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Israel is 62 years old today

Saturday, April 17, 2010


I never considered myself a huge Moomin fan. I mean, I read the books when I was small, but I never found myself romancing about them as a grown up. I usually prefer a good Willo the Wisp (preferably, Moog) or a nice Smurf. But when I saw this entry, on Loobilu's blog, I was like


And so, I went to Hapsitukka's wonderful little Etsy shop. Hapsitukka from Finland, sells items handmade of vintage Moomin fabric. It took me a while to decide, but I finally chose a Moomin pouch for my tiny laptop and a Moomin pillow cover for my bed. The package I received was a feast to the eyes, with amazingly wonderful Moomin stamps!

A friend from work, who collects stamps, tried all sorts of shenanigans to get his filthy hands on them, but all in vain. I would have gladly be satisfied with just these stamps, but no! The perfectly soft and lovely items I ordered arrived with a complimentary postcard and the sweetest piece of vintage Moomins in love fabric. Joy, I name thee Moomin.

And now, I'm off to bed but I shall leave you with a little Moomin clip I found. Ta ta dear readers, and sleep tight.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Not quite the stormy sea necklace in sky

Ever since I saw Project Runway All-star Challenge a couple of weeks ago, I have been obsessing about the necklace Sweat Pea was wearing on most of her shoots.

A little research turned out it was the stormy sea necklace in sky by Anthropologie. More research reveled the necklace is completely sold out, including on Ebay. There are some other colors and copies of the necklace, in various horrid prices, but none that fitted what I wanted. An Etsy search uncovered some lovely alternatives, but the best ones cost about 200$ which is completely out of the question.

So what is a girl to do but make one for herself?

This one is made of many types of Czech glass beads I had in my beads collection, plus some larger glass beads and gorgeous multifaceted aqua glass beads and Swarovski crystals I bought especially.  I also finally made use of the large (and rather heavy) Peridot beads I bought several years ago, thinking I will make them into a bracelet, which I never did..

I have to say I am pleased with it. It doesn't look that much like the Anthropologie necklace, but that's good since I don't wanna copy anyone. The color scheme is just what I was looking for, and if I ever get tired of it, I will simply take it apart and make something else out of it!

Monday, April 5, 2010

A lazy holiday and a Tzipi update

Today is the last day of the Passover holiday that was celebrated with short workdays, several  vacation days and huge amounts of food. I spent most of the days, when not working, doing nothing. Yes, I cooked a bit, and met a friend or two and today I cleaned for several hours but that's about it. No amazing new puppets, no exciting blog posts, no hiking in the north. I know, I'm a boring person.

I did make some new earrings, but that's about it

Unlike me, Tzipi the world traveling Flutterbutt was all over the place, having loads of fun!

Arriving at Scotland, Tzipi was amazed to find she has a whole villa all for herself. She went to work with her host, Junie, and proved very helpful answering phones and working on the computer. She also took the time to email mommy every once in a while and update me on how she is doing and feeling. Ah, I raised her so well!

Poor Junie and Tzipi had no idea there is an ongoing postal strike in France, so Tzip spent the first few days of Passover stuck in a dark box. She finally arrived to her host the other day, and after a short rest, today she went horseback riding.

She has many adventures planned for her in France, including meeting a bishop! How very exciting. And after that - she will be on her way to New Zealand, the lucky girl!

Stay tuned for more on Tzipi soon. Her adventures are listed on the side bar of the blog for you to read. Also - if you are interested in hosting Tzipi comment here. One of her hosts in the US unfortunately had to leave the project, so we have an opening.