Sunday, November 6, 2011

It's alive! It's alive!

Holy Smurfette,  I haven't blogged here for months! I think I owe you guys a life update.

Well, I sold and cleared my parents house and am no longer puppeteering on the roof. After staying here and there for a while, I finally rented a small (small) flat with a nice little terrace, so I guess I am now puppeteer on the terrace till further notice!

I haven't yet completed arranging my new home, and need an electrician to come and do come work before I can arrange separate working and sitting areas in my living room, which currently resembles a doctor's clinic or some other place where you will find a TV, computer desk, and sofa all cramped up in a small space. I also find it hard to believe I will be able to create here as I used to in my previous home, since there is not enough space. But this is a temporary home, to heal in and continue to the rest of my life, and I am pleased. It also comes with a resident cat. She doesn't live with me (as I already said, it's a very small single bedroom flat) but she does arrive for dinner and I just bought her a nice warm bed for winter, which I put on the terrace where she eats earlier today. I named her Sfameow, which roughly translates as "the mustached meow". I know, it doesn't make much sense in Hebrew either, but it's a fun word to pronounce.

Such a beautiful baby she is!

I am slowly getting used to my new home and my new life and am planning my near future while enjoying the present as much as I can. I decided to reopen my Etsy shops, even though it will be challenging to make new items in this environment, but the holidays are coming and there really is no reason not to sell what I already have ready. So I started with the puppets & crafts shop, and the jewelry & art shop will soon follow.

That's it for now. I promise to update this blog more often now, so visit again soon and before you go - one last picture of my previous new love.

I honestly feel like I've been living in a Simon's Cat episode for the past month!