Monday, May 23, 2011

Making a miniature tutu skirt

I wanted to share the process of making Odile's tutu skirt, which I made from scratch. The best thing about this technique is that you can actually apply it to real people and not only dolls! I have a lot of tulle at home, and am planning to make a full size tutu for little moi in the near future.

I made the skirt from beautiful golden tulle I got from a friend, using a non-stitch technique I picked up on YouTube. It's actually very easy to follow, just requires some patience. It was quite a tedious task, and took almost two hours (while watching TV, I admit). Here is the tutorial, easy as pie!

So, I cut several dozens of thin strips of tulle and tied them to a satin ribbon, in matching gold color, which I later used to secure the skirt to Odile's waist.

Tying thin strands of tulle to a satin ribbon

The tying is complete, fitting Odile's waist

Placing the skirt over the satin bodice

That was the base of my work. After that came embellishments, jewelry, hair and makeup and tiny golden shoes I ordered especially et voila - the little ballerina was ready!

I am very grateful I found this simple tutorial, and am actually eager to make some more little ballerinas. My friend also gave me red and white tulle, which are waiting to be made into something beautiful.

Last but not least, I almost forgot! I got a flattering review of on custom made Flutterbride and Fluttergroom on Urban Brides Magazine. Here is a little excerpt for you guys (in Hebrew).

Have a nice week everybody! And please comment, I love reading what you guys think.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Finally, after 9 months, a shop update!!!

You guys probably know the past few months (months? what am I talking about, years is more like it) have been a general hell as well as a creative hell. Caring for my mom then losing her 9 months ago left me completely listless. It took me quite a while to realize I also felt if I will continue with my creative work, I will be betraying her memory or that it will somehow mean I am not really mourning her loss (which I am, daily).

But finally, I am happy to inform you that I just completed a shop update, with several new items. How exciting is that? Trust me, it will not take 9 months till the next one, I promise you that.

So what's in store for you?

Two new Flutterbutt (or Puppet Mobile) ballerinas - Odile and Eleonora

Happy Birthday postcard that doubles as a greeting card and decorative print.

The long awaited Love is in the air postcard set (which also doubles as decorative prints). Only two sets available!

And last but not least, for this batch, another postcards set entitled Boys will be boys.

That's it for now. There will be another mini update soon. I hope you like my new creations! I will share some of the process of creating Odile in an upcoming post.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sparkle galore

This Friday I participated in a blogger event at Michal Negrin's visitors center in Bat Yam. The place is target of visits from all over the world, where people can enter the world of this super sparkly designer and witness her creation process as well as the inside of her factory - manufacturing jewelry, fashion, and home wear that is sold around the world. 

We started by having a nice breakfast, then headed to a tour of the factory and finally had a wonderful workshop where each of us got to create her very own She Shy doll. That part was simply heaven for me, and ended up in me bagging Michal to let me live in the puppeteer's studio filled with every embellishment I ever dreamed of working with. It was such a fun day!

I took about a gazillion photo to share with you, hope you will enjoy them.

Doll house on the visitor's center hall

Breakfast awaits!

Even the water cooler is fully Negrined!

Tour of the factory

I met this little guy on my way to the ladies room

Inside the puppeteer's studio