Sunday, February 22, 2009


Well, this has been a fun weekend. I woke up today to find my computer shut down. I tried to start it and it sounds like someone put stones inside a coffee grinder. Yes, the hard drive is dead, gone, kaput, thing of the past, belongs to the ages, and water under the bridge.

Lucky for me when facing the choice of either jumping out my third floor window, or going to my friend Halo's to ask for one of her computers (she has a computer farm, they grow there like fungus) I chose the latter. So I went there, got a strange little aqua colored laptop, and took it home. It is quite a nice fella. No spellchecker though, which drives me nuts. But hey, I shouldn't complain nor do I want to.

So I will have to purchase a new computer soon, but in the meanwhile will make do. I also almost gave up on the puppetry class that starts on Thursday, but decided not to. I will find a way to pay for both this and a computer. I think my friends will try to help with some of the tuition, which makes me feel quite cared for.

Thursday morning though, before all hell broke lose, I went for a few arrangements and dropped by the bead store to buy a few Italian glass hearts for my mobiles. While there I was asking the shop owner about all sorts of things, when he suddenly said "you like ribbons do you??". Of course I nodded. He then continued to lure me to follow him up the cranky stairs and inside a dark closet. Just when I was sure he will draw out an ax, he shoves a huge box full of ribbons into my arms and says "make me an offer". I looked at it, and immediately thought - I will open a new supplies shop and I shall call it Ribbonzella so I made him an offer, and he raised it by 50NIS and now I am the owner of a new online ribbon shop.

A whole lotta ribbons
Pinky assisting me with inventory

You should really come and have a look, I wish I had a place to shop for such nice ribbons and such a great price. Seriously, I pay thrice as that at the local craft shops. The banner and avatar are ugly I know, but that is what I could do in such short notice. I am waiting for a new banner which should be ready any day now..

My call for help continues - if you ever wanted to buy something at my shop, this is the time. I need all the extra money I can get for the puppetry class I need to take. Did I say need? Good, because I do need it. Some go to a shrink when times are bad. I go to puppetry school.


Parallax said...

Well goodluck with the new venture. I love the name, and I love how you used the illustrations even more.

Sharona R. said...

Thank you! I tried to make it stand out. Now all I need is a good banner..

Ooty said...

Best of luck darling!

Sharona R. said...

Rov todot my dear!