Sunday, February 1, 2009

Buy Handmade - My 2009 Birthday Wishlist

I am not sure why, but apparently it is hard to buy me gifts. That is why this year, I was advised to post a wishlist for my birthday. So here it is! I kept the prices down, and used a wide price range - so some items are only a few dollars, but will make me very happy :o)

If you need my address, or have a question, please let me know.

My first choice
- a new computer, a new car, a new apartment.

My second choice
- A gift certificate (I am sure they can arrange that) for this shop. There are at least two I want, and any sum will be appreciated! I would ask for specific ones, but they have a few of each design, and I am worried about getting 3 copies of the same item (I have only one belly button available, I am afraid).

These are all third place -

A custom made S Anne Boleyn necklace I should ask for an R, but the S will turn out more beautiful I think.

A custom made doll shaped like me from Pink Cheeks. I know she makes them, but not sure how much they cost to be honest.

A sofa for Pinky - I see they are on sale now too!

This stamp and this one too.

These earrings, if you are more than one person (or one with plenty of money :o)

This Foksy!

This ACEO Painting by Sara Pulver

These earrings, or these, or these!

This card set, or this notepad and this print.

I already know what Pinky is getting me, weee!

Oh right, my birthday is at the end of February..


Distressing Delilah a.k.a. jenn said...

Nice wishlist! I hope you get it all and more!

Sharona R. said...

Gotta leave some room for a surprise or two as well, right?


Chen Shapira said...

I didn't remember you have a belly-bottom piercing. Is it new?

Sharona R. said...

I got it when I was working at SBI - 2002? 2003?