Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My birthday wish

Some of you may know I have been having a very hard time lately, living with my mom who has lung cancer is not doing well at all lately. I am feeling myself slipping into depression and am very scared about it.

Next Saturday is my birthday and I just got an email that two days before that, on the 26th, my old puppetry school is starting a a new paper puppet theater class. I need something to please my soul, and I see this as a little gift from God (since courses don't usually start at half year). I want to take that course, and it costs 450$ (1800 NIS) which I don't really have to spare at this time.

So I was thinking - If people who want to help me do something good for myself for once, buy something from my shop - It will help me pay the tuition, and the buyer will get a lovely one of a kind item to please their soul as well. That way, everybody gets happy on my birthday (including my mom, who is desperate for me to be happier).

So please - If you want to do something nice for my birthday, buy something at my shop (big or small, everything helps) and help me pay for this course!

Erez on my birthday party (2005)
Erez on my birthday party a few years ago


Raggy Rat said...

bless you , thanks for your vote
i will do and loook in your shop

Sharona R. said...

Thank you :o)