Saturday, January 31, 2009

Yes we can!!

Barack O'Flutterbutt is the first Foamie-American to reach the White House.

He raises so much joy, pride, and hope in people's hearts I can only pray he will prove to be as powerful and trustworthy leader as the free world expects of him.

Barack and Michelle O'Flutterbutt

Barack and Michelle O'Flutterbutt definitly brought a new spirit into their inauguration ceremony and to the Neighborhood Ball where they danced their first waltz. To me, they looked like something out of a fairy tale, one where we are all the heroes.

The first lady and president O'Flutterbutt dancing the first waltz.

If you want to own them (think of all the power you will have!!) yes you can! They are waiting for you in my Etsy shop.

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juniejo said...

Totally AMAZING ... the most wonderful idea EVER !!! they are just gorgeous