Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nothing to write about..

I have nothing to write about. I've been staring at my blog for a couple of days now, thinking I didn't update it in a while, but as I said - nothing to write about. No new puppets, no new projects. I spent the last week or so either resting or working myself off my feet and am so tired most of these evenings I can't think of writing anything interesting or work on any crafty projects.

My main concern about the shop these days is trying to sell old items, in order to make room for new ones. I don't like having more than 60 items for sale at a time (for no real reason, I just don't like it). I am planning several Flutterbutts, including a new Santa (I just sold the one I had), a Roman centurion, and a fall fairy. I also want to translate my "Etsy tips and tricks" booklet to English and sell it on my shop, on top of the Hebrew edition.

As far as life goes, it's mainly work as I previously said. Haven't seen too much of my friends lately. I also have been overeating for the past week, which is a real shame considering I started losing weight last month, but I am working on it (started maintaining an eating journal yesterday, it usually helps).

I think I will make use of my lack of inspiration and start translating the guide. Lucky me, I can just copy from myself without worrying about creating something new. I am not in the mood for new right now.


Snowbell said...

We all suffer from lack of inspiration... It'll pass (that being said I haven't been inspired in a couple of months now but I blame it on the weather). Have fun translating :)

Sharona R. said...

August is a historical month at work, and I got a second project I am working on at home on my spare time which sort of leaves no spare time.

September will be easier I think. Lots of holidays coming up :o)

Ooty said...

well look at it from the National Israeli point of view....no news=good news =D

Linda said...

Hiya, I'm back from Italy so if you have spare time (haha!) you can enjoy photos on Flickr and my blog accounts of my time there.
I saw Roman Centurions so if you need any inspiration for your latest Flutterbutt, take a look at the photo I have of him outside the Colosseum.

niftyknits said...

ask on twitter - I just given a gazillion new ideas! dracula meerkat got knitted, and they're clamouring for more.

Sharona R. said...

Thanks guys :o)