Sunday, August 9, 2009

Meet the Artist - With Neta Amir

Neta Amir is a very talented textile artist, I had the pleasure of meeting as well as take one of her sock puppet workshops, which I enjoyed immensely. She is a highly intelligent lady, whose creation is innovative and ingenious. She is so talented, that my Pinky got a puppy from her (and those who know Pinky, know he is very choosy).

I can't get enough of these pictures
Pinky taking his doggy shopping

Tell my readers a bit about yourself

I am 32 years old woman living with my boyfriend in Tel Aviv. In my work I explore the fields of art design and craft.

I graduated from Fashion Design College in 2003 but after a year and a half in the industry I understood that it is defiantly what I don't like to do. At the same time I began to create dolls, and I understood that this is what I do like. At first I created handcraft dolls, but during the last four years it branched out to different directions including art installations and accessory collections.

When and how did you begin to sew? Is this your only creative medium?

I began sewing around second or third class of elementary school; I was always making things with my mother and grandmother during childhood. When I was 15 I moved to art high school, I was painting and sculpting. From time to time I was sewing and crocheting for fun too. Later on, as I already wrote, I attended the fashion college and there I developed my sewing skills much more.

At my current work I fill that I combine both disciplines.

Where do you sell your art? Is this your day job?

I sell my accessories collection in my Neta Amir designs store and my dolls at my new Bobilina Studio store, both on etsy.

It is my day job but besides selling my creations I do many other things, especially teaching. I teach kids and adults in different programs, sometimes I give workshops at home. Sometimes I have freelance projects in dolls design and pattern making for others, so my day job is quite diverse.

You recently opened a second shop on Etsy, where you sell your art dolls. Why did you decide to split your work into two shops and do you think it was a right move?

I felt that there was too much mess in my first store; I assumed that it was less appealing that way. Was it a right move? I am yet wondering.

You take outstanding photos. Can you give my readers some tips on improving their Etsy listing photos?

Wow this is a great compliment thank you.

I am spending much time in taking photos, and taking many photos for each item, many of the photos are awful, sometimes I even have to take more photos after I was downloading more then 80 frames.

I try to get 15-20 good edited frames to choose from 4 or 5. I also make a lot of experiments, during shooting with different angles, displaying and styling. As I have no knowledge in lighting I use only day light.

What is your favorite item of all times?

It is like asking mother who of her kids she likes best. But OK if I must I assume that so far this girl is my most favorite.

Read about the process of making this brilliant doll here

I hope you have fallen in love with Neta's work as much as me. I highly recommend following her amazingly creative and fun blog (with tons of wonderful photos) here.


netamir said...

Hi Sharona,
Thank you so much!
It looks great!

niftyknits said...

oh my goodness - she's created a mini-me! Great blog, off to check out the artist's shops.

Sharona R. said...

You are most welcome Neta, I am a huge fan of your work! I'm glad I can maybe introduce you to a new crowd.

Nifty, isn't her shop amazing??

Nicole said...

great post, I love Neta's work!

Sharona R. said...

Thank you. I think Neta is a brilliant artist!