Wednesday, August 12, 2009

מחוברת (Connected)

Have you ever met someone and just knew you have to make them into a puppet? No, let me rephrase that..

I have been totally hooked on the TV series "Connected" (aka - מחוברות) almost since it started airing on Israeli cable. The show introduces the viewers to five Israeli ladies (a well known reporter, two well known bloggers, a writer, and a high-school student). Each of them got a camera and documented her life for several months, sharing her view of the world, her life, family, hopes, dreams, etc with the viewers. You would think oh great, another reality show to bore us to death and make us stupid, but Connected is actually an intelligent, touching, heart warming (and sometimes heart breaking) show.

I have to admit that from all the ladies, Dana the reporter is the one I feel most strongly about. But Alizarin - (aka - Zroob) blogger, party girl, hard worker, philosopher, and altogether a very smart young woman captured my heart in another way. The way that made me run to my ribbon collection, pray to God I still have gray-blue eyes in my eye collection, and steal my very own Mini Me's pink eyeglasses (well, I sometimes use daily contact lenses).

Photo from Ynet

So last night I started working on Alizarin Flutterbutt. I did the usual stuff, with a fair skin tone, then started working with several pictures of the Alizarin while working on her features.

Work in progress

I was going for a Gothic-Lolita sort of look, but didn't want to make her entirely pink outfit, since she is 22 and not 4 years old. I gave her a punk plaid and leopard print mini skirt, and made her a little top out of leftover printed viscose. I added rainbow colored All-Stars, fuchsia rose pin on her two shades of pink hair, and made her a nice big Hello Kitty pink necklace.

Who's that girl?

We first had a little Twittup - introducing ourselves (Mini Me noticed Alizarin has very similar glasses to her own, but was nice enough not to mention it).

Then we took some photos.

Eventually, she started going wild on the set, poor thing needed some coffee and cake.

So we decided to call it a day, brought refreshments, called Pinky to join us, and started to parteeeyyyy!

Update: I just added her to my shop with a heavy heart. It's strange to sell a portrait of a person who actually told me she likes her puppet.. It's not like Serena or Barack is it? Not sure how I feel about this.. Should I just send it to her? That feels too 6 year oldish.. I don't know.


juniejo said...

OH MY I LOVE THIS !!! How clever you are !!! Oh I could have brought our two hamsters to the party !!! HUGS

Sharona R. said...

Thank you Junjie :o)

Zroob said...

OMG! It's the most adorable thing somebody I don't know personaly ever done to me! :D

Sharona R. said...

Do you mind me selling her? Be honest (as honest as you can with a stranger that is :o)

niftyknits said...

sharona she is stunning! and I love love love the real life hair colour.

Sharona R. said...

Thanks Nifty!

Craftomania Tools said...

very cool!