Sunday, August 9, 2009

A hard day's night

Today was a silly day. In terms of hard work, it was a total disgrace. But in laziness measurements, it was a great triumph.

I slept too late on Saturday (as usual) and wasn't able to fall asleep till way after 3am, and therefore could not get up till 10:30 this morning (ordinary workday in Israel, mind you). I had to go ship some orders, and bring the vacuum cleaner to the vacuum hospital, and was planning to drop by my new favorite ribbon shop in Tel Aviv before getting to the office. By the time I managed to escape the horrible new local post office, it was almost 12:00. By the time I found a parking space near the shop it was 13:00. After I spent about an hour there, I called big boss (aka my big brother) and told him I will not be arriving today. He was busy eating a schnitzel, so he hummed something and hung up, which meant it's time to go to the mall.

Lots of new ribbon

I went to Accessorize (yes, they took the whole point of going to London out of going to London. Thank God they didn't open a local West End). I returned some stuff I bought a while back, and didn't want and since they had a 50% on half the shop, I got out with two new necklaces, a strange red hair clip, and earrings I've been looking at for a few weeks now.

New Ribbonzella illustrations

An ice coffee and frozen yogurt later (and a trip to Top Shop and to Zara, I'm a bad girl damn it. No bra for me this month) and some shopping for mamisha, I got back home in time to shoot the new ribbon I bought for Ribbonzella on the roof. Mamisha and I love looking at new ribbon, so we had fun designing a few new Flutterbutts I hope to get started on this week. Lots to look forward to!


Christie Cottage said...

The "big boss"... LOL
Lucky girl!

Sharona R. said...

Well, he is the CEO of the company! Nobody has to know I call him Tzloofi (meaning Eel in Hebrew) when we are alone ;o)