Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just today!! Just today!!

I am having a special deal on my shop today (Tuesday the 11th).

Buy this wonderful, fuzzy, and inquisitive hamster magnet before it expires today

And get a free Pinky badge

Or a free Etsy sales fairy badge, which ever you prefer.

How does this work? In one of three ways:
  1. Simply buy the hamster, and then send me a convo with which badge you prefer.
  2. Another option is to leave me a Note to Seller during checkout, telling me which one you want.
  3. Last (and least in this case) you can simply buy the hamster and the badge you want, and I will refund your Paypal after you already paid.
Ready? Set! Go!!

Update (12.8.09) - Offer expired. Hamster still looking for a good home!


Ooty said...

I just love the way you take your photos!!!
the hamster is super cute but with my own private zoo at home it would be dead after 5 sec.

Christie Cottage said...


Sharona R. said...

Dead hamsters don't smell very good..