Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thou giveth and thou taketh

Yesterday my friend and I headed to the Tel-Aviv fabric district (נחלת בנימין). She was looking for fabric to make a summer bag (she already bought decorated bamboo handles online) and I was hunting for ribbon to make Flutterbutts.

The car park was packed, so I had to park my car on the top of the 8th floor. We were annoyed at first, but then we caught a glimpse of the view. It's a good thing my cell phone exploded, cause my new cell camera turned out to be excellent.

Tel Aviv - A view to the sea
A view of the sea

Tel Aviv - Nachlat Binyamin
The fabric district and pedestrian mall

So, we headed down and as soon as we left the parking lot, we stumbled upon an amazing ribbon shop. Honestly, I know why I need this type of ribbon, but what do others do with it, not to mention the longer more exquisite type? I have no idea, but I tell you - If I could marry a shop, that would be it.

Next, we went looking for fabric (and some food at the nearby market). My friend finally found two fabrics she loved - one Chinese dragon on red, and another more abstract pattern on something I would call ashy-lavender-rose-kinda-thing color.

Fabric shop - Tel Aviv fabric district
Nice selection, we didn't buy here though

At some point I realized we are stepping on silver sequin, the cracks on the road were simply filled with it

The streets are paved with sequin
The streets of Tel-Aviv are paved with silver

Finally, we returned home tired but very pleased. My pleasing, though, was short lived since these last few days have been very bad for me. Problems are pouring like rain, and I am stressed out of my mind. So much so, that I found myself reorganizing my ribbon collection which was in terrible shape (for my personal use, the shop ribbons are perfectly organized elsewhere). I wanted to display it in plain sight for a while now, to inspire me and make my creation process more orderly. I had just the perfect solution - since my friend sent me a wonderful wall mounted organizer from Portugal months ago. Problem is, I had no wall to hang it on, till I realized I can fold one of the culomns and stick it to my studio door with tacks.

And so, I turned into one of my most hated cliches - the woman who cleans when she's panicked. But it does make sense organizing things when you fell you have no control over things. Here is a little haven of control right at the tip of my fingers.
After several hours of that, I was tired enough to go to bed and fall asleep instantly.
Ribbon organizer
That, by the way, is the first Flutterbutt I ever made

Finally, this morning I sent the prize to Jen, my blog giveaway winner. Oddly enough, I also won a blog giveaway, and received this wonderful collection of stationary from Karen at Purple cat's corner. Hopefully, this is just the first of good things coming my way (and headed from me to the world).
Karen also sent me lovely magnets for my promo packs, which reminds me - If you have promotional items you want to send me to ship to my customers, please contact me. Anything up to the size of a standard business card will be welcome.


Yael said...

such a perfect day. I'm glad I spent it with you :-)

(yes, I know the song is about heroin. So you're my horrible drug abuse. Shut up)

(good god, the pics turned out awesome! Those sequins were NEVER that shiny for real)

purplecat said...

Hey Sharona, glad you got your prize pack!! thanks for sharing the pictures, what a view from the carpark!

Linda said...

A lovely blog post Sharona.

juniejo said...

Those photos are JUST STUNNING !! What a wonderfully informative post my dear friend !!! Oh how I would love to browse round your markets and ribbon shops !! I LOVE YOUR WALL HANGING and how you have displayed your ribbons PERFECT !!!

niftyknits said...

I am loving the dorr hangy ribbon thingy. I tidied my odds and ends of yarn today, that would have been perfect. I also arranged all my nearly-full balls in rainbow order in their box, so I fully understand the tidying-as-avoidance thing! (Don't tell husband, but I also found balls of wool in the colours I bought again yesterday!)

(*)KAT(*) said...

Nice!!! :D Big kiss!!!

Sharona R. said...

Heroin? Really? I hate that song actually, but it was indeed a lovely day :o)

Yep, the cell phone camera is surprisingly excellent. What luck the old one exploded eh?

KAT!! See? I finally used your wonderful gift! A few people asked where you got it and what it's called so they can find one for themselves.

Valerie's Essentials said...

Awesome write up Sharona! Love the pics... I love seeing different countries. Love your Blog!

(*)KAT(*) said...

Hi dear! I bought it here in a local store... :( And it has no "name" for say...but it's suposed to use for photographs and it was a home decor store. Hope it helps!

natalie said...

I love your photos! May I ask what cell phone you use?

And I totally agree with you about organising, it can be quite therapeutic.

Sharona R. said...

Thanks Natalie :o)

It's a Sony Ericsson C510. It is quite good looking as well, sleek black.