Sunday, May 31, 2009

An Etsy guide in the works and a special offer

I have been spending the past few days working on my new Hebrew Etsy How To (which is yet to be named). I planned it to be a guide to everything non technical on Etsy which will be about 4 pages long, and 5$ worth, but it has grown to be a 16 pages long (and it's not over yet) and much more worth. Oh well - If they want it, and they want it digested for them and translated into Hebrew, let them eat cake! I mean let them pay.

Once it is ready, I will translate it to English too, which should be interesting to see, since there are plenty of "my 5 cents on Etsy" out there. In fact, I bought one from puppet goddess Stacey Rebbecca a while back, and it is quite a challenge to write all new stuff, without repeating anything she already says. Though I have to say, her guide is so funny it made me laugh out loud,and is packed with good advice. So buy hers, and then buy mine so you can compare the two!

Anyway, May has been as bad for sales as a month can be. Today is the last day of it, so I am kicking it goodbye with a nice special offer - Spend over 20$ in my shop today (May 31st) and get an XL promo pack packed with goodies such as my miniature cake earrings, buttons, discount coupon for my shop, a pretty handmade (by me) envelope, magnets, a Moo discount code (for first timers) , and more!

All these goodies coming your way!

And speaking of Moo, I promised an update on the problem I mentioned here. Well, as I expected, they gave me a free reprint of my order - All's well that ends well.


purplecat said...

Thanks for including my magnets in your promo packs:)

Sharona R. said...

Thank you for sending them, they are gorgeous! People who received my (your) greetings cards were struck with how beautiful they are!