Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New promos are in (and out)

Yesterday I got my new two (for the price of 1.5) Moo minicards. Unfortunately, almost 30 of one pack are unusable due to bad cropping, and the colors on all cards are rather off. I wrote an email to Moo customer service, and I am sure they will reprint the first pack for me, they have excellent customer service usually.

Anyway, there are enough good ones to prepare promo packs, which I did this evening. I prepared a few dozens of my free-shipping coupons and prepared a few packs of 20 of each minicard (one for my ribbon shop and one for my puppets & crafts shop) and 20 coupons. I am going to ship them to a few Etsians who help me spread the word about my shops.

Promos ready for shipping
The pencil post-it's are from this amazing shop in case you were wondering.

I will get these out and about ASAP and will continue performing my sales boost for summer plan, which I wrote about here. I will update you regarding the Moo problem later on, as I know more.

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Distressing Delilah a.k.a. jenn said...

Hey, that sounds like a good idea Sharon! Need to read your sales boost plan to, I am not yet independently wealthy from my!