Monday, August 4, 2008

Help raise funds for sick baby Lavi

Lavi, the 10 weeks old baby of Gili and Yulia Ben Moshe, two people who helped change my life once upon a time, was born having a genetic disease named Canavan. Lavi is deaf, blind and suffers from restlessness. As the disease will progress he might develop mental retardation and loss of motor skills. His chances to survive after the age of 4 are slim.

There is one medical academic center in the U.S. testing a treatment and reporting some progress dealing with the disease. Such treatments will not be financed by their current health insurance. They are currently there, with their kids, and are trying to raise the 250,000$ they need for treatment.I want to help them raise funds to help baby Lavi see, talk, and live a good life for as long as possible.

I will donate 50% of the proceeds of these items to Gili and Yulia's fund. Your help is appreciated!

You can find more details about baby Lavi and his parents' struggle here. They truly are remarkable people, who are devoted to their 3 kids and are so optimistic about raising the funds and providing their son a good life. They deserve any help they can get.

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