Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Donation for baby Lavi update and a royal Flutterbutt

I decided it would be better to donate 10% of my total revenue this month instead of specific items. I hope to gather enough to help!

And now, may I present her royal highness, Gloriana, The Virgin Flutterbutt, Queen Elizabeth Flutterbutt.

Elizabeth is a very cheerful Foamie. She is not a mobile, but a stand alone (and stand she does!) puppet. She is intended for display, but I am sure she will also play around. She already started talking here, and oddly enough - has a French accent. I am not sure why, I know her mother spent several of her early years in France, but I am not sure about this young lady.

It all started with the lovely ribbon I found on the craft shop the other day, which immediately made me think of a Tudor collar. I decided I will make Elizabeth, and chose purple and red ribbons and lace for her dress, the royal colors indicating a very spiritual and strong character. From there, the road was short to creating this little cutey. The back of her dress is not very Tudor, but I just couldn't help myself - I am a bow addict.

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