Friday, August 29, 2008

Getting things in order

The holiday season is approaching, and I felt a need to stock up on some new materials.

A short trip to the market and fabric district area in Tel Aviv (so little time, so much sweat) resulted in this huge pile of loot!

The Pinky's not included

Lavender, rainbow, red, and white fake fur; Tons of colorful ribbon and lace, 17 tubes of contact glue for the price of 8 (gotta love the market); Silver-crimson and new sky blue marabou; Buttons and little flowers and fabric ornaments.

I also bought the world tiniest watermelon and figs, but it a whole different story.

After that, I knew it is time to finally arrange my eye collection. It has been dragging for months now and so I did - late last night, at the price of one fingernail who is now a lovely shade of black-purple and hurts like hell.

Eyes eyes eyes, in all types and colors - blue, green, brown, hazel, pink (for mice and albinos), purple, black, lavender, azure. Button eyes, vintage eyes, bead eyes, eye eyes, plastic eyes, safety eyes, glass eyes (maybe I should ask my uncle for his glass eye to add to the collection too?). It may now seem like much, but it took an hour to sort, and behind the two little see through boxes, there are two more similar boxes, thrice as big.

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