Friday, August 8, 2008

The importance of being balanced

Today I saw the light, and it looked so much better than before, I just had to share!

Being horrified at my latest listing's photos (which I shoot inside, at night, with flash) I was looking for reading material on how get more out of my world most horrible camera when I stumbled on this how-to article on the Storque.

Oddly enough, my disaster of a camera does have a white balance setting, which I knew nothing about till this afternoon. And more - it really does a world of a difference, look!

White balance button

I was so happy, I re shot some of my hamsters whose images left something do be desired (mainly, a better image).

For example - before

And after!


morning star said...

woww! what a different!
Thank you for sharing!
Love your blog! you should make television programs! call me...
sending love!

Sharona Reouveni said...

Thank you my sweet :o)

I reshot many items, I think it will do a load of good. But as I remember, you have a much better camera than I.