Monday, September 1, 2008

Starting to work on the holiday stock

New Flutterbutt
Originally uploaded by Sharona R
This weekend I started building a stock for the holiday season. It seems autumn, however hard to believe with all this heat, is getting near and with it - lots of sales.

If you want to help me name her, or would like to buy or reserve her, please let me know. I am not planning to list her for a few more weeks. She turned out real cute!

I decided to go on an Etsy forum diet for a while. I had enough of promoting in vain. True, I love my forum buddies, but we will keep in touch in convos and mails for a while. The shop still runs as usual though, and my summer sale is still on till September 12th.


Anonymous said...

thanx sharona if possible
im adding your link if it's not already there if it is this will put u at the top

Sharona Reouveni said...

Thank you Renee. I hope all works out for you :o)