Saturday, February 5, 2011

Puppeteer on the roof

Today was such a beautiful sunny day, following several rainy ones, that I decided to spend a few hours on the roof.

Last month I sowed different types of tomatoes all over the  roof garden.Look how huge this couple is getting!

And here is a cherry tomato variety, I think it will soon be ripe for eating. This is actually from a tomato I put in the ground, and not seeds.

The orchids are blooming, finally. I can't wait for the poppies and freesia to blossom we well.

 The sky was so clear, I could see the ocean nice and clear, the first time this week.

You will be happy to hear I spent the afternoon working on an order of two full size hand puppets. Can you spot the fetal puppets in this photo?

I still have a lot of work on this order, but I got a nice start. I missed working on the roof. I honestly have no idea how I am supposed to sell this apartment, but I do know one thing - I will be buying a smaller roof garden flat, no doubt about that.

I will be posting more about the new puppets as work progress. I already made a new custom ordered Flutterbutt this week, but a waiting for something to arrive by mail before I can show her off. I see lots of puppet making in the near future, yay!

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