Friday, February 11, 2011

See you at the altar

This is a short little entry, to show off my new hand puppets - the first I made in ages!

I got a rushed custom order for two full size hand puppets imitating a lovely couple who will get married next week. Their friends decided to make them a wedding video with puppets in their own image. I had a week to make them, and had to compromise on some aspects of the similarity, but the guys who ordered them seem to be happy, so - mission accomplished.

One thing I can tell you though - no more emergency puppet making for me. You cannot believe how stressed I was, espceially since my right hand hurts terribly for the past month or so (I know, I should see a doctor), it has been raining most of the week (preventing me from working on the roof) and I was working as usual througout the week (meaning I had to work on the puppets at night). Bad bad bad.

The guys promised to send me the film after the wedding, so I will be sure to share it with you guys! That's it. Have a nice weekend everybody and stay safe and warm. And of course - congratulations to the happy couple (obviously I am not sharing their photo, not to spoil the surprise).


Chen Shapira said...

The lady has the cutest boots ever.

I normally hate Uggs, but she looks so good in them I'm tempted!

Sharona R - שרונה ראובני said...

Thanks Chen! Those boots are actually from Zara. I bought them years ago to make a puppet of myself, but ended up not using them.

Did you see the entry about our trip to the תחנה on my fashion blog? I didn't see any comments from you.

JacBer said...

What a brilliant idea & well done on getting them all finished in time :-)