Sunday, February 20, 2011

I love pantyhose!

I love We Love Colors - a US based online pantyhose shop with a great plus size pantyhose line.

They sell opaque plus size pantyhose in 51 colors for either 9$ or 15$, as well as fishnet plus size, and printed ones (black or white stripes and colorful batik patterns).

I already shopped there several times, due to an unbelievable shortage of plus size pantyhose in Israel (it is incredibly hard to find any that suit a fat and tall woman, like myself, not to mention colorful ones, that are no where to be found). I bought several colorful ones and am very happy with them, as you can see.

Fuchsia, brown and blue

So I was very happy to be offered to get a few pairs to review on my Hebrew fashion blog. I received 3 pairs of the more expensive variety (they have a type that costs 15$ and a type that costs 9$, which is the type I bought for myself so far). I received 3 of the 51 colors they sell - rust, spruce green, and black (the only color I specifically requested). I got my size, which is C\D. The largest size is EE (fitting a 1.82 meter tall woman who weighs up to 170kg).


Spruce green

The pantyhose are very soft and silky, and lovely to wear. They are large and long (fitting almost up to my bra line) so they actually serve as a loose body shaper.

There is only one problem with them - Unlike the cheaper variation I already have and washed many times in the laundry machine, these need to be hand washed and hanged separately. I did think of washing them separately by hand (cause I was told they just arrived from dyeing by the website manager) but I did carry them upstairs in the same basket as my ordinary laundry, and the rusty colored ones bled color all over my laundry, resulting in many stains and one shirt that went to the garbage.

So in short - this is a great place to buy cheerful plus size pantyhose, but you have to take extra care is washing and drying the pantyhose. I would stick with the 9$ variety, if you are looking for a low maintenance product.

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