Sunday, January 30, 2011

New earrings

I have been down with the flu all week. And I do mean down. With a fever of 102 and constant coughing I spent most of the week either asleep or cursing the moment I was born. After a week or so of this I am finally getting better yet still at home, which was a great opportunity to shoot the new earrings I made and list them on my shop.

I am also working on a custom ordered Flutterbutt, which I will tell you about later on, and plan to make a second very special puppet, which I will also revel in due time.

I simply realized that all this "I haven't been able to create anything since my mother died" story I was telling myself is just that - a story that I can replace at any given time. So I stopped telling that to myself in hopes that is all that is needed in order to get my creative wheels rolling. We shall have to wait and see!


Junie said...

Your earrings are just AMAZING !!! I love them they are soooo different !!! So so sorry to read you have had flu !!! I could not communicate properly with anyone this last week as our computer died on us !!! I can hardly wait to see your Flutterbutt !!! it will be amazing

JacBer said...

Your earrings are gorgeous!

Well done on the turn around in your head space, that's fantastic :-)

Sharona R - שרונה ראובני said...

Thank you ladies! Yep, I am quite pleased :o)