Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Yom Kippur Roof Project

Since I do not fast, I spent the weekend prior to Yom Kippur and the two days of the holiday cleaning and replanting our roof terrace.

For those of you who are not Israeli, be advised there is nothing to do Yom Kippur - no radio, TV, driving, all entertainment venues are closed. Usually people sleep, stay with friends, or spend quiet time with family. In my family, it is a memrial day for the Yom Kippur War where my dad faught and many friends were lost.

So - Friday I bought soil and plants and planted them in various vessels.

Roof Project 5

Saturday to Monday I cleaned the huge piles of garbage and dirt that were all over the terrace.

Then I rearranged the new plants and furniture.

My roof project - after

Some of the new flowers.

My roof project

My roof project
Now I am left with 14 huge sacks of garbage that somehow have to get downstairs. I need to have a garbage party, where each guest takes a bag with them!


Snowbell said...

Wow! Looks like you did a good job! Fancy coming over and cleaning my place?

Anonymous said...

Yom Kippur sounds like a wonderful, peaceful time. Cleaning can be so spiritually cleansing. I admire all of your work with plants because I've never had a green thumb (but wish I did) :)

juniejo said...

You did the most fantastic job !!! Peace and Love to you and dear Mamisha and of course THE PINK ONE !!!! LOVE AND HUGS

Ooty said...

Looks great!! I am too working on redecorating my yard now after my dog killed it!!
The problem is that I am redecorating half of my house now... so it takes lots of time...oh and money=p

Sharona R. said...

Thank you so very much everybody! I am quite proud of myself. I don't think the photos show just how horribly dirty everything was.

You are right, Lost, cleaning my environment was empowering and playing around with water and flowers was a real joy.