Friday, September 11, 2009

Shopping, buying, and indulging in various purchases

Yesterday, after work and a little quality time with my brother's midgets I went to my favorite mall for some Rosh Hashana shopping (Jewish New Year's is next weekend).

I decided this autumn-winter I will wear more feminine bright colors, like stone, powder, pale pinks, and such. And I also have an image of me in a pencil skirt, tights, and layered cardigans over a long blouse. Since I know I want that, and I saw a few weeks ago just what I needed on Zara I decided I am going there to buy it before it's gone (even though God knows it is still full summer over here). I found several colors of this vest (blues, black, white, pink, stone) and opted for the pink and stone even though a couple of the blues were quite enticing.

New tops from Zara

I also went to my usual shop, Razili, who holds items by local designers, to see if they have the leopard pencil skirt I wanted. They didn't have it my size, so I tried a white toga dress which was amazingly slimming but also very shortening, so I didn't buy it even though the price was very nice. The girl, who knows my whims rather well (the little devil) told me "we got a limited edition line of jewelry from a new designer, you must take a look".

עגילים של הדס שוחט מרזילי

It ended up being the creation of third year Betzalel (the most prestigious Hebrew academy for art) student Hadas Shochat (הדס שוחט) who makes molds out of her grandma's treasured jewels and recreates them in plastic with tiny metal embellishments. The color pallet is just right what I am looking for (pale plum, pink, and white) and I have to tell you - the jewelry is stunning, stylish, and sits just right (which is the worst problem with Liat Ginzburg - ליאת גיזבורג - whose jewels look brilliant but cost a fortune and never look good on the body) . I tried several and ended up buying a necklace and a pair of earrings, who with my member's card discount, cost less than 100$.

שרשרת של הדס שוחט מרזילי

I also recieved these sweet earnings I got at Etsy for a very silly price. I bet this shop is going to be a big one. I plan to wear them with blacks or pale earth tones.

These, together with the amazing necklace by young designer Darios, which I bought at Razili a while back makes my autumn-winter accessory wardrobe complete.

שרשרת של דריוס מרזילי


niftyknits said...

what can I say? so stylish, so well thought out. you put me to shame! Fabulous finds!

Sharona R. said...

Thank you my dear :o)