Monday, September 21, 2009

Miss Eleanor Flutterbutt

Miss Eleanor Flutterbutt is the eldest daughter of Sir Obediah and Lady Ada Flutterbutt and favorite niece of Countess Margaret Flutterbutt, with whom she traveled the world till the age of seventeen. Miss Eleanor is ready for the family's Christmas dance, which will be held in their great ballroom.

Eleanor has long brown hair, raised in a complex evening do and decorated with embellished satin bow. She is wearing a Victorian evening gown with a coral velvet corset and a grand layered satin and lace golden skirt decorated with a big gold bow at the back. She has an organza flowers shawl protecting her shoulders from the chilly evening, and pearly rose earrings.

Eleanor is usually busy with her charities and reading club or playing the piano forte, but today she spent quite a while helping the servants hang ornaments and decorate the tree. Christmas is undoubtedly her favorite time of year.

If you would like to invite this young luxurious Victorian mademoiselle to your home, you will find her here.

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