Saturday, September 5, 2009


September is finally here. I saw Madonna in concert in Tel Aviv, which was a once in a lifetime experience, evenings are getting cooler on the roof, and the High Holy days will be here in less than two weeks. Today I even bought a guava in the organic shop and its scent is perfuming our living room as night falls.

A few weeks ago, I went shopping for ribbon and found a gorgeous autumn toned leaf ribbon. As soon as I saw it, I had a vision of the little autumn fairy who will wear it as a skirt and collected several color coordinated accents for her. Now, I finally had the chance to make her!

Little Autumn has long pink hair tied at the back of her head, decorated with sequined satin flowers.

Autumn Flutterbutt - an autumn fairy

Her dress is made of flowing foliage toned browns and decorated with hyssop colored satin, satin leaves, and satin flowers.

I am not putting her up for sale yet, since I am out of high end beads and need to buy some for her mobile cord. She will be available on my shop once I do, hopefully - later this week.

Update 7.9.09 - Beads are in, and my wonderful little fairy is up for sale on my shop. It will be horrible letting go of her, I love her so much..

Autumn Flutterbutt doing her stuff
Those who shoot inside at night, should not be surprised at the result

Ooh before I forget! My dear friend Junie is having one fabulous give away on her blog. Check it out!