Saturday, June 27, 2009

Trudie the hand operated Foamie

This has been a "fun" weekend. I have been waiting for it all week, with a huge to do list, and eventually spent Thursday night sick as a dog with a bad case of the stomach flu, which left me listless and miserable (took me 48 hours to get to the point I can even sit here and write this post..). Every muscle in my body is cramped and I have horrid headaches and fever and my stomach is cramping. In short - I hate my life right now.

But still I have an obligation to the world, and so I am taking a few minutes off my bed rest to introduce you all to my new little friend Trudie.

Trudie is a hand operated Foamie, the mini version of my full size hand puppets. Her mouth lacks finger grips, which is the main difference between the two.

Trudie is wearing a nice purple skirt, and a printed blue top. I also bought her a comfy pair of All Start snickers, which she loves. She likes playing soccer, preparing organic meals, and reading fiction.

Having her sitting next to the computer on this hard time helps me take my mind off my pain. She really is a nice little lady, and I would love her to find a good home where she will be able to chat and sing and laugh and bring cheer. Cheer, now there's a concept. I am heading back to bed.


juniejo said...

Trudie is just STUNNING !!!! I am quite sure she will find an excellent home !!! You always make me SMILE 8^)

Sharona said...

Thank you dear :o)