Friday, June 19, 2009

Meet the Artist - With Krize

It's been a while since I wrote a Meet the Artist. It's been crazy at work (and life) these past two weeks, but here I am ready to introduce you to an amazingly talented lady you may already know - The multi talented, always innovative Kristina Sabaite aka Krize.

Tell my readers a bit about yourself

I am children´s book illustrator, hand crafter, and dreamer. I live in a little town near the river, with a beautiful cathedral, many trees, and birds. I live with my husband Karolis (he is a pianist) and our dog Boogie.

I suspect those freckles are not real..

When and how did you begin to draw?

As I remember, I began to draw as soon as I could hold a pencil in my hand. When I was a child I was drawing everywhere: walls, papers, clothes… Drawing was and still is my favorite game! :)

Where do you sell your art? Is this your day job?

My day job is as a children's book illustrator and also painting. I am very happy about it. As the profession of an illustrator differs from the office work - some months I have lots of work, and some months - no, so I began to make little things and crafts… and this way how and thanks to my friend Claudia* I began my journey on Etsy.

* Claudia Moya, who passed away this year, was an illustrator and Etsian. You can see her beautiful work on her old Etsy shop.

I love your jewelry and bags! When and how did you make the move from illustration to these new formats?

I always try to search new formats to use the illustration, to show that the illustration can find it´s place not only in the book for children. It became a very strong art form and more popular thanks to the artist who create jewelry, bags, clothes from illustration.

Cute and useful!

I have this necklace, and I plan to ask for matching earrings one of these days.

Can you tell is a bit about your work process? Your inspiration, the creation process..

I don´t know from where the inspiration comes from, but she is very welcome in my home :) When she comes, I make her a cup of green tea with a little bit of chocolate. We sit down, begin to talk, and create things. She is so funny! Last week she told me not to cry when my favorite pajama was broken and to make a cute bunny! And so did I.

A bunny

The creation process is like a game for me - I don´t even think much of what I will make, I just begin to draw, to sew, to cut… and suddenly I finish with a lot of bunnies and cats on my table!

What is your favorite item of all times? Please send me a picture too.

I have several, but I think that these two bandit cats have stolen my heart and 109 hearts of other Etsians. They always make me smile.

They look quite dangerous to me!

If you liked what you saw here, you will be most pleased with Kristin's smiling shop and bag shop. And while you're at it, buy me a little gift as well!

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