Thursday, December 18, 2008

First we'll take Taiwan and then, the world!

Some of you know I was contacted back in June by a publisher who saw my shop on Etsy. She was interested in interviewing and featuring me in a book that was planned to be published in Taiwan and the far east about dolls and their makers. We emailed back and forth for several weeks, till I finally got the okay that we are done.

Yesterday it arrived in the mail!!

Pinkelshtein is rather pleased
Needless to say Pinky is very excited

Here is a bit of the interview I translated online. You gotta love Babel Fish LOL

How do you establish present's brand style?

I have had the painting pictures custom, but I draw the character, has the big eye, the stupid expression and little the few hairs and the most important big nose. When therefore starts manufactures the puppet, these naturally turn my puppet's characteristic. In body's structure, because I have made the puppet play's performance, therefore wants to let the cloth doll from the very beginning also have the free active body, therefore this becomes my another style. Finally is because of collects the knot, and any may make the eye and nose's little thing, what is very interesting, I start from the eye and the nose to extend the creation, this probably is also establishes now one of unique style reasons.

I have less pages then I was supposed to initially (in the draft I received a while ago) and there are a few types and strange image quality, but the guys are thrilled to have the book and so am I, and as long as the shop link is correct, I am very very happy!

The guys are SO excited

And finally, a little shop update - I updated my profile and shop policies. Any comments you may have are welcome!


YuHui said...

Hello, I'm from Taiwan as well. I used to enquire that if you'd like to sell "Sophie" to me.

I recommended your blog to one of my friend who's a publisher and designer. But the author of your book is not my friend....

YuHui said...

Also, it was quite interesting how I found your website. I gave birth to my son in July. I named him "Chester." As I was gooling for "Chester drawer" for fun, I found your chester drawer with stylish painting.

juniejo said...

What a fantastic compliment to your work my friend !!! All your creations just come to life and you know I am such a huge huge fan of your. To see Pinky and friends enjoying in the excitement ... well it has just made this holiday season all the more special !!!!

Sharona R. said...

Thank you YuHui :o)

Do I have a Chester drawer? I had no idea! Can you show me the link?

I already sold Sophie, but I can make you another similar puppet if you like. Have a look at my shop -

Hmmm.. Can you please tell me what the front page of the book says?

Sharona R. said...

It is about to become even more special dear Junie wink wink nudge nudge say no more.

Jess said...

that is awesome! Congrats!