Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Etsy sellers should be protected against this jurk (and others like it)

This is what I wrote on the Help forum this morning:

I just had my shop raided again, by the same little piece of false user (who buys from herself, and leaves a positive feedback on both profiles). I guess I deserve it, cause 6 months ago I told her it is not nice to flood the forums with many copies of the same thread. Yes, indeed I deserve to keep losing my most hearted items again and again.

So now she returned again, this time to buy 3 items from my shop and leave me curses in the "notes for seller" just like last time.

Etsy didn't even close her account, just had me relist the items losing all views and hearts.

I want this person banned from Etsy based on their IP.
I want them blocked from my shop.
I want my views and hearts back.

Etsy, what are you going to do to protect us sellers from such incidents repeating?

Since Etsy never replied any of my emails from last time she did this to me (I actually started emailing abuse@etsy when she first started sending me rude convos, before she even did the false purchase) I don't know if her other user's shop (jlocke38) was closed by herself, or by Etsy following my complaints. I bet she has another shop open now, though. And I also bet she will open a new user for false buying after this one is closed, cause Etsy does not prevent this in any way currently.

And now, for your enjoyment, some colorful pictures.

ravenattic 1

ravenattic 2

I started a thread asking admins to add a new feature - allow sellers to confirm purchase before it is committed to the database (hance losing all of its hearts and views). Please show your support by commneting on it.


Linda said...

This must have been such a shock. What disgusting behavior from this person.

Pippa said...

That is AWFUL! Why would someone do that?? I think of Etsy as a happy safe place, but I guess it's just like the rest of the world. So sorry you had to go through that.

Pippa said...

I just went to comment on the thread but it has been closed! I really hope that this means that Etsy are doing something about it.
Your work is amazing. I hope you're not taking anything from the evil buyer to heart.

Sharona R. said...

Thank you Pippa! I already got refunded, and am checking every once in a while to see if that user account is still active (it is).

Funny thing is I got tons of views and hearts today, tons! Way more than those items originally had :o)