Sunday, October 3, 2010

Etsy bootcamp update

I am so proud to update that Aya, from the very successful and inspiring Etsy shop LoucheLab, approached me about being my Etsy bootcamp buddy. How amazing is that? We are yet to set the actual details of our buddyism, but our aim in general is to encourage each other towards achieving our holiday sales goals, and brainstorm new promotions and products. This is Aya's reveling and artful blog. You really should visit.

On top of that, I started using Project Wonderful advertising again, after a few months off. I am using a new ad, which I like, but am not sure how attractive\clickable it is. Your feedback will be most appreciated.

My new Project Wonderful ad

I had a two week ongoing ad on Craftcult this month, and it brought a lot of traffic to the shop, but it costs a lot, so I don't want to continue it for now. Traffic traffic traffic, where the hell art thou?