Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Facing my anxiety

This weekend was dedicated to the daunting task of creating a watercolor illustration for a new customer.

Whenever I get a job that scares me, I tend to procrastinate and custom paintings scare me to bits. Drawings are so personal and I never know if the customer will like my work. I made many drafts, and felt quite insecure. I guess that is a common emotion among artists who do sporadic work like myself, who have a rather demanding day job. Eventually, I managed to sit myself down on Saturday and drew for several hours till I was happy with the result.

Work in progress

The actual task was to draw six basic body types for a stylist who is about to start a series of lectures and classes. She saw my illustrations on my fashion blog and wanted me to portray the different body types in a whimsical style (as opposed to most ready made body type sketches available).

Hourglass and cello body types

I am not a fan of digital illustration, so this was all done with pencils, ink and watercolor. I am glad to say the customer is very pleased with my work, as am I. There is a great sense of satisfaction when completing a task you were scared of. I should try and remember that next time I find myself procrastinating.

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