Saturday, October 23, 2010

Custom orders for Christmas

Last year, my custom made Flutterbutts (or puppet mobiles) were a huge hit for Christmas gifts. I am providing a portrait Flutterbutt service, where you send me the characteristics of the person you want me to imitate (hair, eye and skin tones, signature clothing and jewelry etc) and preferably a photo and I make you a wonderfully adorable puppet mobile or miniature puppet.

Another option is to order a custom made full size hand puppet, based on similar characteristics.

Here are some examples of puppets I made last year.

A custom made married couple

Custom made sister

This is the feedback I got from the customer:
My sister absolutely loved the custom Flutterbutt that I gave her for her birthday. Right after she opened it she couldn't stop laughing, it was perfect! She spent the rest of the night looking at all the other Flutterbutts available in your Etsy store!
Thanks again for making such an awesome 30th birthday gift!
Custom made brother
And another feedback:
Great communication. Totally helpful. AMAZING PRODUCT. My Xmas present was the best present out of everyone.
Since Christmas is getting near, and I need about 2 weeks to create your puppet plus another 2 weeks for shipping overseas (and we all know it may take longer to arrive with the holidays post rush), I suggest you order your puppet no later than November 20th, and preferably sooner.

And here is a Special Offer for readers of my blog - Order a custom made Flutterbutt or full size hand puppet before November 20th 2010, mention the word Shnigelpuss when you order the item, and get a 10% discount on your order.

To place your order, fill this form or send me a conversation on Etsy.


shani said...

שרונה,בבלוג השני כתבת על הצלע שלך אז רציתי להציע לך לנסות עלי לחך מצוי (Plantago)
הוא ידוע כמרפא פצעים ותימנים הזקנים קוראים לו הגבס של הטבע.
את יכולה לשים אלוורה או חמאה(כמה שזה נשמע הזוי זה עובד)על האיזור הכואב ומעל זה את עלי הלחך ( אפשר לקבע את הקונסטרוקציה על ידי ניילון נצמד) אני יודעת שהוא גדל ליד מקורות מים אבל כנראה אפשר למצוא גם במשתלה.
לרוב ניתן לראות שינוי תוך כמה ימים בודדים מקווה שתרגישי טוב.

briskmamma said...

I browser thorough your posts and saw that you are really prepared for Christmas season. I wish I had more time to follow the instructions from more thoroughly...
I am now your follower, feel free to browse my blog if you have some time to spare:

Sharona R - שרונה ראובני said...

A lot more work left to do though..