Friday, July 16, 2010

Some thoughts about my late father and the fates

There comes a time, in every woman's life, when she must confront the true nature of her father and accept him for the man he really is. Today was that day for me, when I suddenly realize two truths about my father, Papisho, had he still been around today.
  1. If Papisho were still alive today, he would probably have an amazingly successful Twitter account with thousands of readers. He would probably also write a blog, under a pseudo name, which he would use to tell the world the unbelievably ridiculous stories that go on behind the scenes of Israeli politics.

  2. Had Papisho been alive today, he would probably own one pair of Crocs in every color known to men.

The first is a certain loss, but the second makes me think that indeed, all things must end at their due time and that, sadly, includes the life of our loved ones. I am not sure if this is much consolation for me these days, but I have to work with what the good lord provides.


juniejo said...

Papisho in crocs !!! Hmmm that is interesting perhaps sitting with a campari & soda while Twittering !!! I think I could say with confidence my friend that your loved ones are very blessed to have you as a daughter as you are to have had them as parents !!! I am blessed to call you my special friend !!!!

Sharona R - שרונה ראובני said...

Oh Juji, things are deteriorating here pretty fast. I am sorry for not updating you lately, I am so listless I have zero energy for interactions, but I somehow know you understand and accept this. So thank you!

juniejo said...

Ahhhh you know me so well my friend !!!! In background waiting for when you need me !!!!