Thursday, July 29, 2010

Christmas in July - Better late than never!

July is almost over, and it is time for a little Christmas in July Sale.  I know, the official Etsy Christmas in July ended already, but you know I am very busy with my mom, and time is very fluid these days, so I say better late than never.

On my Christmas in July section you will find wonderful Flutterbutts, hamster magnets, Flutterheads (ornaments or wall hangings or whatever you choose to do with them :o) and cards all seriously discounted, up to 50% off!! The sale ends on August 1st.

And who, you ask, may you find there waiting for you? Well..

The Gossip Girls - Serena and Blair
are down to 28$ instead of 38$

Little Frida Kahlo Flutterhead 
is down from 14$ to 10$

is down from 12$ to 8$

is down to 7$ instead of 10$

Happy shopping everybody!

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