Wednesday, December 16, 2009

These boots are made for walking

What do you get when you take one woman and have her work on a major product release during the day and custom puppet orders at night? One very hungry and very busy woman.

That is why I was shocked to find myself making a new Flutterbutt in the middle of the night, when I should have been tucked in bed and snoring peacefully.

But I wanted to make her, and so I did - a teen, with a woolly purple flower shaped barret and a purple sweater (I bought both months ago and was waiting for winter to use them), a short skirt and the fuchsia pompom boots I bought on eBay a couple of weeks ago.

Sweet Pea's boots
I seriously need to get me boots like these

Sweet Pea
Holding one of the lovely balloons Junie sent me

I photographed her against a Brussels sprout Christmas paper I bought in Urban Outfitters. There is no end to how pleased I am that I managed to bring it home from London in one straight piece. I was sure it will be ruined in my suitcase.. I wanted to shoot with an opposite color background, to make her pop. And she sure does!

When Mamisha saw her, she cried out "Ooh, peas!" and so I decided to name her Sweet Pea.

If you like peas too, you can buy her at my shop. I promised Mamisha she will be hers if I don't sell her within a month, so you better move fast! When my mom wants something, she usually gets it.


Inbar Bareket said...

She is so handsome!
and the boots - I love them!!!
Well done!

riorita said...

I think that Sweet Pea has great taste where deciding what to wear is concerned. Love her!

Jac-Ber Creations said...

Oh, she is gorgeous :-)
And I think that the brussel sprout paper is absolutely fantastic!

Sharona R. said...

Thanks guys!

I am waiting for a new delivery of boots, so there are several more fashionable Flutterbutts in our near future :o)

Nina said...

wow. your puppets are amazing! :)

Sharona R. said...

Thank you Nina!

niftyknits said...

I want those boots too! She does look great against the sprouts - I would NEVER have thought to choose that paper as a background, but it works really well.

Sharona R. said...

I actually bought another one, with colorful jelly beans. I will use is soon, I expect.