Thursday, December 10, 2009

A gift of a guide and a romantic couple

This week was blessed with custom orders thanks to being on the Gift Guides. Unfortunately, one of these customers bought the original item instead of asking for a custom listing, and so the Gift Guide, dozens of hearts, and almost 2000 views are all gone. But I must not complain, it really was an amazing week.

Huge jump in views, now it's down again

All I can hope is that all the people who hearted this item will see it sold and heart the relist as well. BTW, I offer express shipping, so you can still get your purchases in time for Christmas Eve.

Back to this week's orders, another fun project was making a custom made married Flutterbutt couple (Puppet Mobiles this time). The couple are look alikes of the customer's brother and sister in law. I loved the photos she sent me, and Mr. Flutterbutt was definitely a challenge, since none of the ready made glasses I had at home fit. Eventually I made him little glasses out of my Bluetooth headset plastic wrap. He also got a nice aqua colored feathery tutu and a sky blue satin tie. His gorgeous wife got a tan complexion and a complimentary strapless peach dress decorated with a big beautiful sequined gold heart.

Both mobile cords are decorated with Czech glass, plastic, glass, lampwork, stone and some of my late Grandmother's rose quartz (for luck in love) beads. I have to say, they looked very much in love with each other since the moment I completed my work. It truly was love at first foam!

Custom made Flutterbutts


Anonymous said...

Just wondering: If you were to make a flutterbutt that looks like me, how would you dress it?

Sharona R. said...

Well Ruthi Ru, she would wear colorful trousers (purple perhaps), a flowy blouse or tshirt in a complementary color with a nice boost line, and fun shoes. No jewelry whatsoever. In case she wasn't a Puppet Mobile, I would add a little bag she could wear diagonally across her chest :o)