Saturday, October 10, 2009

Headbands for the happily challenged

It's been such a tiring weekend.. I spent most of Friday cleaning, then babysat today and worked on several Flutterbutts. There isn't a single muscle in my body that isn't cramped, even my lower arms hurt. In short - I am cranky. But I promised I will share my recent accessory findings, and so I shall - for no matter how bad things get, fashion has to go on!

First off, is Emilio Poochi (I am so very pleased with that name), my new bag. It is supposed to be a limited edition from relatively new local brand Twentyfourseven. I know I know, I am 33 after all, but I thought I can get away with it (him) if I wear an all black serious looking outfit. Anyway, Emilio is already feeling comfortable in his new home.

Emilio Poochi
Emilio Poochi

I also got two headbands. Once is amazingly amazing, and I will need to grow steal balls to wear it, but I promise I shall. I got it in Castro, out of all places.

My mom said I should wear it to her funeral.
Go explain fashion to old folks, geesh.

I spent a few evenings lately looking for winter-autumn shoes or boots, and found nada con nada. On my way back from Shani Bar (everything looks beautiful, but it hard as a rock and just as comfortable) I stopped at Iluchka to find absolutely nothing my size (I asked her if she can make me a skirt and she said she cannot cause she only produces in small quantities. Got it? She only makes everything by hand and therefore cannot make a custom skirt. Anyway..) apart for nice jewlery and bags by Galit Weitzman. I was so annoyed by the lack of things to spend money on, I bought this cute yet way too pricy headband which I can easily make myself.

It is very cute isn't it?

And now, it's time for a bubble bath and then trying to find something half decent to watch on TV. Seriously, looking for a nice show to watch on TV on Saturdays is as useless and annoying as looking for a nice colorful short pencil skirt size 46-48 in Israeli boutiques. Oh to blah with it all!


Ooty said...

Great shopping!

esque said...

Lovely finds! I love Emilio!! I've been on the lookout too for some fab boots.


נעלולה said...

מותר לכתוב בעברית? ספרי, באיזה קסטרו מצאת את הדבר המקסים הזה וכמה עלה...
אוהבת את הבלוג שלך :)

Sharona R. said...

קניתי ברמת אביב, הגעתי הביתה וגיליתי שהוא שבור, נסעתי לשבעת הכוכבים בהרצליה להחליף - היו שניים ושניהם היו שבורים, נסעתי לארנה, היו חמישה שבורים ואחד תקין ולקחתי אותו

הם אומרים שזאת מהדורה מוגבלת