Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shabby kitsch and a little gardener

Yesterday I found myself dwelling in a shabby-kitsch kinda mood. I bought all sorts of lovely butterflies in the craft shop and ended up making two headbands full of ribbon, flowers, and butterflyish loveliness.

The first one is lilac and sky blue with a touch of baby pink.

New headbands

New headbands

New headbands

The second is all sorts of wonderful pinks with butterflies, ribbon, and roses.

New headbands

New headbands

I will be adding the headbands to the shop very shortly. I hope I did not overdo it with the sweetness, I just love this type of hair accessories!

Last but not least, is my recent addition to the shop - a wonderful little hand puppet called Sarah!

Sarah the hand puppet

Sarah loves flowers and gardening. She also likes soccer, hot cocoa, and Emily Bronte and is very friendly and huggable. She is waiting for you in my shop, all ready to spread joy and cheer throughout your home. Operating her is as easy as pie!


TheJoyofColor said...

I love those kitch had bands , althoug a "Tom boy " type myself i adore kitchy accessories and homewere. Sahra is my kind of girl
Add those had band and quick i'm sure the'll fly quickly
The joy of color

Ooty said...

Oh su cute I love your had bands!!! And sarah is oh so lovely =0)

Sharona R. said...

Thank you ladies! I hope you are right, cause I love making them and want to make more.

They are not the most original creation, but they are much fun :o)

נעלולה said...

וואו, כמה שהן יפות, שמחות, משמחות. גברתי, אני מעריצה גדולה של עבודתך, ואיפה לכל הרוחות משיגים את הקשת עם הסרט בעל הפס התכול? היא מטריפה.

Inbar Bareket said...

The head bands are beautiful! I love them!
Sarah is so cute ! I love your dolls!

Sharona R. said...

תודה תודה תודה נעלולית שכמוך, הקשתות בחנות עכשיו (אחרתי אני יודעת, הוזמנתי לארוחת ערב ואכלתי עלי גפן ממולאים לרב) ותודה גם לך ענבר יקירתי