Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Custom made husband

It seems the item most popular by men on my Shop is a hand puppet. I have been getting several orders for custom made mini and full size puppets in the past two months, mostly by daughters who were looking for a cool gift for their dad.

This one, that I finished last night, is by far my favorite. It is a custom made husband!

The lovely lady who ordered him, sent me a picture of her Muppet loving husband and asked for his look alike in mini hand puppet form. Well! Obviously I was thrilled to create a blue eyed, blond, bearded Foamie hubby for her.

Now, usually my mini hand puppets arrive naked apart for a little tie, scarf, or similar accessory. But the thought of sending this family a spitting image of their daddy in the buff was unacceptable to me (I cannot afford sending a bunch of kids to therapy, I have to think of my future kids' therapy too you know). Therefore I subcontracted my mom to knit a smallish short sleeved sweater. Last night she was too sleepy to finish it, so I had to do some sewing while watching the Obama inauguration (the tears I shed make an excellent excuse for the shape of the seams).

Gosh, he turned out so cute! I don't want to part with him, and he doesn't want to part with my mom. They spent lots of time together over the past couple of days, and have truly bonded (this is the most time she got to spend with any of my closer to her age puppets, finally - a Foamie she can really talk with). Unfortunately, I must ship him tomorrow, since I already have a week delay on all my custom orders due to the "I am in too much pain to do anything creative" week I had. Oh well - off he goes, and on I go to start one custom giant and one custom midget.


Linda said...

I think you must write a book about your puppets and Flutterbuts.

Sharona R. said...

Do you really think so Linda? I have been playing with the idea for years now.

joanulmer said...

I'm the wife of this puppet (hmm) and I can't wait to welcome him into our home. Sharona is such a pleasure to deal with and takes such personal interest in her creations, I can't wait to have her create the rest of my family!

Sharona R. said...

ROFL, thank you Joan!

Linda said...

Yes, I am serious. You have a great style, with underlying humor all the time.