Friday, November 28, 2008

Still ill

Every time I am sick for a long time (or rather, a too long time) I get reminded of this song. I was sickish and tired all last week, and now - I am sick again (a head cold this time). How annoying. I lost hours of work, which annoys me as well. To sum it up, you may say I am an annoyed person.

You cannot tell that from these pictures though, taken by my friend Maya this morning. Lots of concieler on my red red nose, and some blush and hop - Nick and me posed for the camera in a cute little playground across the street. This is supposed to be in a "shop local" article on the Storque. I hope they will like this shoot as much as we do.

Nick and mommy Nick and mommy
Nick and mommy

As for new items, I added this little showgirl to the shop last night. She is made out of wonderful embellishments Kat sent me from Portugal. Obviously, I had to name to name her after Kat. Here is some fun with colors.

Andy Flutterbutt

If you want to adopt her, you can find her on my shop.

And speaking of my shop - I have a special Black Friday & Cyber Monday deal going on tilll Monday the 2nd. It is Free Shipping on all items 20$ and higher. I hope to get some nice sales out of this one. I don't usually FREESH anything, so this is a one of a kind deal.


StarkatBeads said...

:) Cute!!! Great pictures!


שרונה said...

Thank you dear, it's all thank to you :o)

juniejo said...

WOW and WOW again !!!!

CAT Productions said...

Very nice! And, Kat is so cute!

שרונה said...

She very well is :o)